Tuesday, February 25, 2020

A Bit of Crochet

I have been working on the latest blanket pattern from Lucy at Attic 24. It is the Dahlia blanket. What attracted me to it was the beautiful colors and the interesting pattern.
This is part one which is 15 color stripes. Lucy has them in a "planned random" order in her pattern and I am following that. I like the randomness of it, but it is not totally random.
You can see here, we are beginning to repeat some of the colors, but not in the same order as the first rows. This really keeps it from being too predictable. And the colors are so amazing and bright. Perfect for a winter project.
And this is as of Sunday. I am just plodding along and taking my time. It is big enough now to cover my lap as I crochet and I just love that stage. The crochet along has finished with handing out each part, but you can always find all the instructions on Lucy's blog. I print each week's instructions as I am ready for them. I just printed week 3 of 7 including the edging. More hooky fun coming my way. I will show you when I get much more done, but if you want some beautiful shots, go visit Lucy.

Have a lovely day all.

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Karen S said...

Your blanket is progressing well and looking lovely. I hope to do that one too. I will watch yours grow with interest.