Saturday, February 8, 2020

A Hexie Finish

In June of 2018, I joined a sew along using EPP hexagons. I had never don English Paper Piecing before, and had never wanted to. When I finished my Kingfisher quilt, I missed sewing those cute hexies. So I decided to start making more hexies to use in a future project. I kept them grouped in a box by color. When the box was pretty full, I decided I needed to quit making them and start using them. I used a few here and there in applique projects, but finally started sewing them to each other.

I pulled out this dotted fabric to use as borders/sashing and made some more hexies. Then, I began making hexie flowers. I just made them randomly, and began joining them together with the dotted fabric. Once I had a few together, I decided that a table runner was a good idea. It wasn't too big, but it was big enough.
 I would make a few and them join them together, just trying to find pleasing arrangements as I went along. I have seen many Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts, so I knew it really didn't matter if some colors were too close together.
I decided to leave the edges of the runner irregular and I began quilting it, dividing each hexagon into 6 pie slice pieces. It took me three days to get this small runner quilted like that, but I am very happy I chose this way to quilt it.
 I knew there was no way I would be able to bind the edges of this thing, so I opted to cut it close to the edges and zigzag over the edges. It won't get washed as much as a quilt might, so I think it  will be fine.

And here it is, in all its glory. It sits on the glass coffee table in the living room. And yes, there is usually stuff sitting on top of it, but I wanted to show you the whole thing. So that is one more project checked off my list for 2020. I am just rolling along here.
Have a great weekend.

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Karen S said...

Your runner is delightful. Gorgeous fabrics all round. Great choice of the spots to pull it all together.