Monday, May 31, 2021

End of May

 Last day of May, so I thought it might be time to catch up with myself. I have been so busy and have not felt like sitting down to write all that I have been doing. It seems that the Tiny House Project worked really well for getting my creativity moving again. I have been piecing and quilting and sewing other things like a crazy woman.

First, I made this little embroidered stitchery piece from Cozy Blue. It is printed on the fabric and you just add the embroidery stitching. I really love the bees.

This was another quilt that I worked on a block at a time, while I was doing the tiny houses. About half way through tiny houses, I thought about maybe making an all pink version of tiny houses. But then I decided not to do that, but to make something using my multitude of pink scraps. So I began paper piecing these string blocks, one each day after I made my tiny house for the day. I made blocks until I filled my design wall, and then I stopped.
While I was quilting it, using a wandering loopy stitch, I doodled a name. I actually added my name and my daughter's and my granddaughter's and then it hit me...this quilt was destined to go to my granddaughter! And so it will.
Here is a shot of the whole thing quilted and bound. It is a nice lap size or small snuggle quilt for a little girl who loves pink.
I decided to use big strips of fabric, pieced for the back. I saw Bonnie Hunter do this on the back of some of her quilts and I loved it. It makes piecing a quilt back so much easier!
And it just crinkled up so nicely after it's trip through the washer and dryer. I can't wait until she sees it and I know she will love it as much as I do. I have lots more to show, but I think I will post things in separate posts. Talk to you soon.

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Karen S said...

Your embroidery is delightful. It looks great in the hoop. A lovely finish.
Great work on the pink strings quilt as well. Lovely way to use lots of pinks from your stash. What a lovely idea to give this gorgeous quilt to your granddaughter!