Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Kids Summer Shirts

 Awhile back I made some knit headbands for my daughter and granddaughter and some of their friends. There was a bunch of knit fabric leftover, and so we decided I should make some little tank tops for N for the summer time. I set about looking on line for a pattern to use, hoping I could find one that I liked for free. I always start with looking at free patterns, and then if I need to, I look at the ones I have to pay for. This time I hit the jackpot!

Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom had a knit tank pattern that was perfect. She had developed it to recycle and old adult size tee shirt for her daughter, but you can also use it to make a new knit tank. The pattern comes in sizes 3-16, I think, It has a higher neckline and armholes for more modesty for a little one. I made the size 6 tank. They are in the mail, so I don't know how well they will fit yet, but they were super easy to sew.

This knit was very thin, so I doubled it on the front of the shirt. The pattern calls for ribbed knit for the arm and neck binding, but I just used strips of the actual fabric, and it worked just fine.
You just need to be sure you cut the fabric in direction that it stretches the best for this to work.
I also matched up the stripes on these, between the front and the back. I think it makes them look less homemade.

The last thing, and quite important I think, it that I purchased needles to sew knits with. I had never done that before, but now that I have, I have to say I think it matters. I used one for all these shirts, and then put it back in the pack, marking it so I would know it had been used (even a little bit matters) I will always sew with the correct needle now!

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  1. Love the fabrics! Those are sweet tanktops, nice job with the modest fit. Need more modesty in our world.

  2. Great collection of lovely tops. Lovely colours.


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