Wednesday, June 2, 2021

June Spring Chicken

 I'm sure by now you have seen pictures of Sweetwater's Spring Chicken line. When I saw this back in October, I was smitten. This is the first time that they have done a fabric line that uses the colors that they used in Sunkissed. That was the first fabric line I ever bought on line. I fell so in love with it, and I have asked many times over the years if they would ever reprint it, but I never got an answer.

Well, now I have decided to just go with Spring Chicken. It is super cute and I think the colors have satisfied my needs. This line was supposed to be out in March, but Covid delayed it until May. I pre-ordered a half yard bundle from the Fat Quarter Shop back in October. I have never bought so much fabric all at once like this, and never an entire line either. But I had to have it, and there might not be another chance, right?
I have already sketched out a simple quilt to show off the fun fabrics. I know this will only be the first of several quilts, because there are 19 yards of fabric here! So much fabric!
I just had to get out my Sunkissed Squares quilt and lay all the fabrics on it to compare. My Sunkissed Squares quilt was made in 2011 and is my most favorite ever! The checkered gingham looking fabric is a part of the Sunkissed line, as well as Spring Chicken. When I bought Sunkissed, I did not have the whole line. I was an on line fabric newbie at the time. The other thing I noticed is that they did not use the pale yellow in the new Spring Chicken line. But all the other colors are there and that's okay by me.
      These are all the gingham like checks in the new line. Aren't they pretty?
Here is another print from the new line. I highly recommend that if these colors are your thing, buy some of this while you can. You never know if you will have another opportunity. Thus ends my PSA for today. I will be back when I have more of this quilt to share.

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  1. I have to agree, it looks like a lovely fabric range. Looks like you have quite a few plans to use it. Good luck.


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