Friday, June 11, 2021

Pink Checkerboard Scrap Quilt...Done

 When i was working on my tiny house project, I also worked on my pink string quilt. About halfway, or more, through that, I started another pink scrap quilt. I have lots of pink scraps, and I had cut a couple hundred into 2.5 inch squares. So I got some off white Kona  fabric and cut 2.5 inch strips and began sewing all those squares to them.

I had no idea how big this would be, but I thought the best way to do it was to sew 16 patch blocks and later, I could decide how many to make and how big I wanted it to be. I sewed a few 16 patch blocks almost every day for awhile.
I started putting them up on my design wall and I really fell in love! I took more scraps and cut more squares. I finally decided on a size that would cover the top of my bed with a wee bit of over hang. I planned to leave the larger quilt on underneath it.

This is the quilt with the quilting finished, but no binding on it. Blogger has once again re-ordered my pictures, so we'll just go with it. Okay?
Here is my label, sewn to a corner scrap on the back. You can see here, as well as the shot below, that I decided to go wild and bind the quilt with a bright spring green that I found in my stash.
I chose that color to deliberately stand out, like a stem on pink flowers. I found some of that green in one of my fabrics I used for the pink backing.
Here is a shot of the whole thing. It was almost too big for my husband tohold up, and the wind kept gusting while we were doing this.
This is the back of the quilt. Now you can really see where the green came from. It was either that, or turquoise. But alas, I had no turquoise. Bonnie Hunter makes some of her quilt backs like this. That's where I got the inspiration.

This was the day that I had to get down on the floor and pin baste. I have trouble with this, so I seldom make larger quilts any more. But this one was totally worth it.

The whole thing is quilted with organic horizontal lines of varying width apart. I am super happy with the look and texture of this quilt. And so glad to have a pink scrap quilt that is mine.

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Karen S said...

Great collection of pinks! Your quilt looks lovely. Just so sweet with pinks and a neutral. It is a gorgeous finish.

Brenda said...

Hello Charolette, I decided to look at some of your other posts after seeing your lovely apron you made and although pink is not my color of choice, I do have several friends and family members who love this color with a passion. Your quilt turned out fantastic! Plus, what a wonderful idea to go with the green as a binding and using it as the stem that then creates the whole quilt into a flower portrayal. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!