Sunday Morning Quilts

Sunday Morning Quilts

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What's Happening Here?

I wish I was just sewing  along and taking pictures, but I am moving in a few months, so there is lots going on that has nothing to do with sewing. But, to keep me from losing my mind, I am getting to do a little sewing. I want to keep in touch here while all this is going on too.

Before I show you what's happening here, I just want to comment on something. I was reading blogs this morning, which is my version of reading the morning paper. I follow many blogs on Bloglovin', but there are others I follow because I bookmarked them way back in the day or I see them on someone's side bar and click over.

So many of them are gone now. Well, they are still there, but no posts for a year or sometimes 2 years. I know Instagram has changed things a lot, but I felt so sad this morning for some I hadn't thought about in such a long time. They used to share great projects and bits of family life. I get it. Life changes. But I haven't found any new blogs lately that can take the place of them. It just makes me sad. It's like when your favorite TV show is cancelled. Okay, that's it. All I'm gonna say about it.

Here is what's happening here:

 This is the small quilt made from block #40 in Amy Gibson's Quilt Block Cookbook. I selected this block, one of my favorites, to make a small quilt that I could work on between packing and all the other moving chaos. Here, the blocks are done.
 Here, I was trying to decide if I wanted to sash them, rather that just put them side by side. I stuck a few up on the design wall on top of the blue gingham that makes up the corners. It totally changes the look, but it wasn't what I was going for.
So here they are, all sewn together and I really like this version. The blocks are 12 inches finished, so this is 36 inches square. I have decided to put a 2 inch border around it, in white. I just want to frame it up a bit. Then, we will think about how to quilt it. I think a combination of hand and machine quilting.
 Now the other project I have is Penny Sampler. I chose this as a great skill builder for me, but also because I can take the 12 month version and not get overwhelmed when we are in the throes of moving. The four hearts block has been hand appliqued since this picture was taken.
 And while waiting for the second lesson for February 1st, I worked ahead and prepared two more appliques using a different method. Now I am trying them out on backgrounds to see what works for me. I love my mitten and I think this golden yellow dimple dots fabric is perfect for it.
I know this is sideways, but this is my clover applique, sitting on a piece of coral colored Kona. I don't remember the exact name. But I like the way it shows the clover off. Both of these will be appliqued next month.
 And here, I am trying out some other fabrics for different parts of the Penny Sampler. Just trying to see what plays well together. I think this is going to end up very colorful, but hopefully, not too busy.
Last shot with most of the elements in place so far. Yup, I'm liking it and enjoying the as we go method whenever time permits. I know it's going to get way crazier here soon. I will continue to sew until they make me pack up my sewing room. It will be the last thing to go, I'm sure. Have a great week.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Working on My Penny Sampler

I am taking the 12 month Penny Sampler class from Rachel at Stitched in Color. So far I am loving it. I took this class because I knew that even after more than 20 years of quilting, I had much to learn and I love to learn new things about my favorite creative endeavor. I was not wrong.

The first thing about this class is picking your fabrics and your colorways. There are so many elements to this quilt that it is much more challenging than most quilts. I have fabrics everywhere.

 These are on my design wall. I want to use reds, blues and yellows, as well as some pale backgrounds which I don't have yet. They are on order and with the recent weather, I don't know how soon I will see them. We have had no mail delivery since Friday.
 This is the stack on my desk. Very primary looking. I also have some greys pulled as possible low volume background pieces for some applique.
 Another stack on the ironing board. Thinking about all the blue possibilities for this quilt. Nothing is certain yet.
             And still more...

 First up was the two heart applique pieces. I found my heart fabrics, but was searching for background. I need to make as much of this from stash as I can. That is really giving me a work out. I loved this background fabric, but the lighter hearts disappeared on it. I stared at it for two days.
 The single heart on this lime green I loved immediately. I can see that there will be trial and error on this quilt a lot until I really get going, and I am okay with that. This is an exercise to help me to grow.
So I went ahead with the applique on the green and it is resting on my design wall next to this navy blue for right now. Just checking out the possibilities.

Then I found this piece of coral sketch fabric and put the four hearts on here. Much better, but not sewn on yet until I look at it for a few days. But I think it may be a go. Now I must get back to painting and getting the house ready to sell. More sewing later this week, I hope.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Last Post of 2016-What I'm Working On

So another year has come and gone. A tough one, to be sure, but I am trying to keep everything in perspective. Ever the optimist, I have hope for the future. I want 2017 to be a good year for me and for everyone else too. This new year will be bringing big life changes for me.

I will be retiring. I just can't physically handle the work any more after the cancer and the treatments to get rid of it. I am moving...clear across the country! I am leaving my beloved North Carolina behind and going where weather is milder...Southern California. It will be hard to leave, especially since my children and grandchildren are all here, but that's what airplanes are for, right?

I will be able to sew so much more and I want to continue to create. So, that said, in the midst of all the chaos of moving I am doing two things. I signed up for Rachel Hauser's Penny Sampler class. I am taking the 12 month version. I figure if I get behind in the beginning of the year, I can catch up later. I want to push myself and this class looks like it will do that.

The other thing I am doing is working on assembling a new small quilt for the holidays next year.

 I bought this book awhile back and I am not really into buying many books these days, but this is a great basics book. There are 50 blocks in this book. It gets my creative mind working. (Amy is doing a quilt along this next year using this book)
 I fell in love with this block and just had to make it first. I thought about starting at the beginning, but hey, that's not me.
 Next I played with placement. I don't have any fancy programs to do this. I just use my colored pencils and some graph paper. I'm old fashioned like that.
I've been cutting and pressing. I love how these fabrics are coming together. I hope to be able to keep a project going that I can just step in and sew a bit while the chaos goes on in the house.

And these are the first two blocks together. I am only making nine blocks for an approximate 36 inch square quilt. I may add a border, I haven't decided yet.

One more goal I have is to blog more, once I get moved. I love the way Barbara at Cat Patches blogs almost daily. I love stopping by to see what she is up to. So there's that to look forward to later in the year.

For now, I wish you all a safe, happy and healthy new year, filled with hope and promise. See you in 2017!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Quilts from Christmas Past

This will be my last post before Christmas, and maybe for the year. We will see how next week goes. I thought is might be nice to show some of the quilts I have done for Christmases past. So here goes:
In no particular order, since my computer has way too many issues...
 Cherry Christmas fabric by Aneela Hoey. Made from a charm pack, this is still one of my favorite Christmas collections.
              A tree...Lizzy House meets Sherbet Pips.
 Two charm packs of a Sweetwater Christmas line Countdown to Christmas, and the sashing is yardage from the same line.
             A QAL done with Christa from Christa Quilts a few years back.
                   Fun fabric on the back of a pillow.
                        A Christmas table runner.
               My very first ever quilt. And yes, I still have it.
             Trees from some book I no longer own. This is an older quilt also.
 This was a gift for the boys. It has bean bags so you can toss them and play tic tac toe. Made from Aneela Hoey prints from Little Apples.
              My first Fair Isle quilt made in a QAL with Lee at Freshly Pieced.
                                   Fun reindeer heads.

                      My second Fair Isle made for my daughter.
                             Another from a book I used to have.

Houses in Christmas fabrics. Love this one.
A Christmas Ticker Tape pillow. Not Christmas fabrics, but the colors give the feel of the season so that's how this one came to be.
I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas, or what ever holiday you celebrate. Love your families and enjoy any time you spend together. See you back here soon.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Two Hello Kitties

I finally finished quilting and binding the second Hello Kitty quilt for Miss N for Christmas. I took it up to the soccer park this afternoon to take pictures of it with the large, older sister quilt.  That is where I took the pictures of her as well.
 This is little miss with here purple border. She is 1296 tiny one inch finished squares.
 Here she is with her big sister. Big sister was made up of 1296 2 inch finished squares. Yes, I am a little bit crazy.
                           I love seeing them side by side.
                             Little Hello Kitty
                              Big Hello Kitty.
 Here is the back of Little Hello Kitty. I used a Heather Ross print for the back.
              Well, the light is starting to fade. It gets dark so early these days.
Bye, bye Kitties. You sure are cute together. Talk to you all again soon.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Times They Are A'Changing

I have been a quilter since about 1991. Well, let's say I have been quilting since then. I didn't consider myself a quilter until about 1994 when I had gotten more into it and had tried more sewing and quilting. This has been an interesting journey my friends.
I have made probably almost 200 quilts during that time. I did not document all of them, but enough to get a rough count. When I first started quilting I learned by reading books about it. I finally took a class on how to quilt properly in about 1995. Machine quilting wasn't even on my radar at that point.
I bought myself a subscription to Quilters Newsletter, which I kept for 10 years. I finally saw that they were changing in a way that I was not, so I stopped. I have not missed it, as I have grown and changed as a quilter myself.
During much of this time I hand quilted. In my hand quilting hey day, I even built a hand quilting frame from a kit I bought through Quilters Newsletter. I did quilt several large quilts on it during that time. Then came the computer age of quilting for me.
I discovered blogs. I discovered on line fabric shopping. I fell in love with quilting all over again, and started this blog in 2011. I did a few on line quilt alongs. When my job changed in 2010 I suddenly had more time to quilt and I threw myself into it with happy abandon. I became very prolific and really learned how to machine quilt on a domestic machine. I bought a Bernina Quilters Edition.
I found endless inspiration on line. I found Flickr and had my own on line bee for 3 years. Now, things for me are changing again. I am getting ready to retire and am moving and down-sizing. I am culling and sorting. I will never stop quilting, but I am getting rid of stuff I no longer use.  This is the strange thing to me, even with all the good stuff I have, no one wants most of it.

I had a yard sale and sold very little. So, I donated almost 100 books to the thrift store for them to sell. It is local and benefits our schools. I guess, like me, most quilters find what they need on line now and don't need to encumber themselves with lots of books. I only kept about 2 dozen of my newest ones.

No one wanted all my back issues of Quilters Newsletter either, so I sadly threw them in the recycling bin. And the quilting frame sits here in pieces with the directions and small pieces in a zip bag, hoping and waiting for someone to take it and use it. I almost had a taker, but she didn't have enough space for it.

So my craft has changed so much that the old tools are no longer wanted or needed I guess. That makes me a little sad. But change is necessary for growth. So I will donate the quilting fame too. Maybe someone will buy it or maybe not. I will never know. Back to packing and culling. I will talk to you soon.