Monday, August 20, 2012

More Pillows!

Don't you just love pillows?  I love that they are smaller than a quilt, so quicker to make, and yet can be just as creative to design and sew.  I made a couple more this past week, just finishing one yesterday.  It was a rainy day, so perfect for sewing.  Warning: Lots of pictures coming folks.

I have had two rather large pieces of fabric for quite some time now.  One I know I've had for about 3 years.  I loved it so much and I bought 3 yards of it on sale.  I have never been able to figure out how to use it.

 This is the pillow.  It is raining again today, so no good lighting for pictures, sorry.  The dark brown strip is pleated.  The back has a zipper for easy inserting of the pillow form.
This fabric is Honey Meadow from Michael Miller.  I bought 3 yards of it, but could never decide what to do with it.  Last week, I decided to make a pillow, so I could at least enjoy looking at this beautiful fabric all the time.  I still have 2 1/2 yards left to put into another project.

The next pillow is made from this and it is my favorite.  I bought 2 yards of this Anna Maria Horner Lou Lou Thi print.  I love the bold floral design.  I have been trying to make myself cut into it.  I kept thinking I wanted to do something to show case the print and maybe embellish it a bit.  Then, the pillow bug bit me.

 Here is the completed pillow.  it too has a 16 inch zipper in the back.  I wanted to center the blue flowers, as they are my favorites.  Then I got out my embroidery floss and went to stitching.  Just take a look at the pictures:

I tried not to over do the embroidery, but to spread it out over the print.  I didn't want to put French knots in all the little pink and brown buds, for example.  I am in love with this pillow!

And lastly, a little happy mail.  I have been pretty good not buying fabric this summer, but I have been waiting for this one for a long time.  I judiciously chose these 6 prints.

Perfectly Perched by Laurie Wisbrun.  Hope you have a great Monday, even if it's raining where you are.


  1. I love the AMH fabric! and I can't wait to get my hands on some 'perfectly perched'¬

  2. Gorgeous pillow! What a great use for that Lou Lou Thi print! And I love the embroidery - a perfect touch. Perfectly Perched is adorable!

  3. I'm so amazed (as always) of your talents. And you put up so many pictures! I need to get better at that... I will strive to be more like Grammie Q with my photo taking...

  4. Love the pillow, and what a nice touch with the embroidery - it really makes that design pop!


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