Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Staycation Sewing

I have been doing lots of sewing this week so far.  I have also gotten lots of housework  done.  And you know what?  I don't mind the housework taking me away from the sewing as much, when I know I have so much more time to do both since I am off all week.  This is great!  So here are some more pictures of my staycation:

 I made another wristlet from Trillium Design's pattern.  Seriously love this pattern people.
 My daughter has been coveting this purple fabric forever.  I had to make her something out of it so she would stay out of my stash.  The green dot fabric is Vintage Modern.  A perfect match.  The purple fabric I tried to find on line a couple of years back to buy more, but alas, it's gone.  So I will use the rest sparingly.

 This is a project I am just starting.   My daughter will recognize it.  It will be a bookshelf quilt.  These are a few of the test strips.  I found a partial jelly roll of an old Basic Grey line in my strip scrap been and it seems perfect for books, with a few others added in.
This quilt is basted and actually on my machine right now.  It is for a recipient in the Comfort Quilts Bee that I am in.  I am loving how it is turning out so far.  I will show more when it is done.

I also made a baby quilt for a friend, but since she sometimes reads my blog, I am going to have to wait to post pictures until I give it to her.

So far, on staycation, that's two wristlets, one quilt quilted and one being quilter and one new project started.  Pretty good progress so far.  I have two other quilts being pieced and one more waiting to be quilted, which I hope to at least start on before I go back to work.

Have a Great Wednesday.


  1. Hey Mom! Everything looks great! It's funny that you're making a bookshelf quilt, I just saw one of these on Pintrest. You should go check it out. I either pinned it to my "Harry Potter" board or my "Quits I Love" board, I can't remember which. Take a look if you get a chance though, because it's super awesome. :)

  2. Yes, what a cute pattern... and I love that fabric, too! Very pretty.
    A bookshelf quilt... hmmm, I have wanted to try one of those too. Looking forward to seeing yours.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay-cation! I'd say it's going quite well!

  3. Quite a productive Staycation! Good for you!


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