Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Finish, Tour de France Edition

We have always loved watching the Tour de France in my house. Every July, for 3 weeks, we watch. We love all the beauty of the countryside that we get to see and we enjoy watching the cyclists work so hard and cringing at the crashes. When I saw an aerial shot as I was walking by the tv, I had a sudden inspiration.
This is the best shot I could find and even this is not what I saw. What I saw was the riders, from behind, all squeezed together on a narrow road.  And what my quilter's mind saw was this:
 A pixelated picture of the scene which I chose to surround with white to emphasize the scene.
 I found the grey scraps in my scrap bin, and they just looked like the road, so I included them around the colorful "riders"
 The quilting, of course had to be bicycle wheels. I only put spokes in some and I like that random look.
 I happened to find polka dots, so I included a polka dot "jersey" for the king of the mountains and a solid yellow for the tour leader. I know there are others, but that wasn't the point of this, so I did not include them.
And the back, which I think is way cool too. White binding to not distract the eye and I love it! All scraps and yardage I had on hand, and I have to admit, I dropped everything to make this over 2 days. Have you ever done that? Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts.


  1. This is great! I love how you transformed your vision into a quilt...great job!

  2. SO cool, Char! I love when inspiration strikes like that.

  3. Hi!!! I love it!!!! You did wonderful making it into your vision!!!! The quilting gives it the final Wow!!!!!

  4. What a novel idea! Isn't it funny how you see the world with quilter's eyes? Inspiration can strike at any time.

  5. Great quilt! It's an awesome design, even better with the story! Love the quilting, too.

  6. This is so much fun. I think that it tells your story and will be a great memory.

  7. This is fabulous! You have a wonderfully creative mind! I live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, so I got to see the race for real last Sunday. I'm still on a high from the experience and your quilt made me nothing but happy because it brought back that great day.

    1. You are a no reply blogger, so I am replying here. Thank you so much for your comment. It is fun to hear from someone who has seen the race in person. It is a highlight of our summer to watch. I am thinking about making another one next year, perhaps with a round about feature in it. Might be fun to do a series. Thanks for stopping by.


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