Monday, September 8, 2014

Rainy Days and Mondays

On this dark rainy Monday, since I didn't have to go to work, I thought it would be a perfect day to sew. There is almost no place as cheering to me on a dark rainy day, as my sewing room. And I have a very cheerful project too.
 This is the beginnings of a new quilt for my grandson J. He is 7 and is very interested in science and all things scientific. He has a particular fascination with the periodic table. So when I saw this collection, Science Fair from Robert Kaufman, I knew it was "the one".
 Here is the first block. See what I mean? Perfect. The star points are all made with shades of Crosshatch Sketch by Timeless Treasures. I comes in a wealth of colors and goes so well everything.
 Here is the second block. I love all the beakers and test tubes. More shades of Crosshatch Sketch. I am sure this is going to be such a fun quilt to make and I just know J will love it.
And for me, a bit of crocheted comfort. Working on a blanket made with Blue Sky cotton yarn.  It is so soft. So how about you? What do you do on a rainy Monday?


  1. Love the science stars for the young scientist. Soft and comfy looking crochet,
    No rain here. We had that over the weekend and there is more coming later in the week.
    I am piecing a round robin border and taking hand stitching ... and computer ... breaks.
    Happy Monday ... :) Pat

  2. You do have the perfect fabric for that quilt. He will love it, Charlotte.
    We had rain here on Friday, but we were traveling in the car. I would have loved to be in my sewing room, but I was sewing binding on the trip which always makes a trip much faster for me.
    I always love to see people work with yarn. I just don't.

  3. The quilt for J is going to be fantastic. Please make sure someone takes a picture of him when he first sees it! He is going to love it!

  4. I love that fabric line! Is there a shop near you that stocks Blue Sky yarn? I have been thinking about buying some of their bulky alpaca to make a cowl but I'll have to order it online as no one stocks it near me. Sorry for all the comments- I think I'm caught up on your blog now :D


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