Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall Wedding Quilt Finished

Finally got around to finishing and photographing the Fall Wedding Quilt for my daughter and her husband. They had planned to be married this October, but circumstances made that not work out, so they went to the courthouse last February and tied the knot there. Fall is her favorite season and she wanted a quilt that would really bring that out. So without further ado, here it is:
 This first shot is so funny. My hubby is standing on the picnic table and is still not big enough for this queen size beauty.
 So we laid it down on the grass.

 This is Aria Lane's Concerto pattern. I made one change to the original by adding a fourth color to the squares on the left side.

 Here you can get a glimpse of the beautiful quilting. I have a wonderful long arm quilter here locally and whenever I have a large quilt, I take it to her. Suzan did a wonderful job helping me to select this all over pattern to give the feel of blowing leaves. Her studio is called Singing Stitches and they certainly do sing!
 The back was a fabric I chanced upon during Christa Quilts sale when she was closing her on-line shop. I think I paid $4 a yard for 5 yards!

 I threw it on my bed here. Fits pretty good!

 A close up of the quilting here. She used a variegated thread on the top, which was just perfect.
So, here it is my darling daughter. I hope you and T enjoy it for years and years together. Happy wedding!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh wow! This is so beautiful - and the quilting is too. blessings, marlene

GO STARS! said...

Beautiful. I just finished one of the Concerto quilts. I also added an additional fabric. I don't blog but you can check it out on Instagram - "sckett". It's a fun pattern. I love the quilting and your colors.

Francesca Celeste said...

Oh, beautiful, Charlotte! I love the pattern and the backing fabric! And the colors and quilting scream autumn. You are so talented!