Monday, September 1, 2014

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Sounds like the title of an essay for school, doesn't it?  We spent a week at the beach and it was glorious. My sister came from California and my brother came from Vermont. The whole week was heavenly. Lots of sitting on the beach and watching the waves, some swimming and lots of talking and catching up. I also had a little time to work on a project that I set up just for this purpose. It was quick and easy and I finished it on the drive home.
 Here is my crocheted rag rug. I used the one inch strips of lots of scraps and the tutorial from Crazy Mom. It was very simple. Just chain stitches followed by lots of single crochet stitches. The cat thinks it's okay.
 I love how the colors came together. Very random, but it looks good. My sister really liked it and enjoyed watching its progress.
 And we were all surprised at how soft it feels under bare feet. I certainly did not expect that.

Just a few close ups so you can see the stitches. I highly recommend this project. In fact, I can predict with certainty that this is not the last one of these I will make.


  1. I was just reading on her blog and saw that you had posted...but figured it was a long time ago...and it was just this month!!!
    Since you have just made one, my question would be how do you clean it?
    I love yours!!! The colors are really neat!

  2. I have two colorful cotton rag rugs that my auntie's mother-in-law gave me 20 years ago. I have used them every day in our kitchen, so you can imagine the traffic and spills they have endured. We simply wash them in the washing machine along with other towels or cotton rugs, even put them in the dryer. They still are in great shape with no color fade. Good luck!


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