Monday, May 16, 2011

Can't decide

I was trying to decide what to talk about today on here.  While I started the laundry and changed the sheets on the bed, I though about it.  Nothing came to me.  So I had some yogurt and a banana and sat down to watch an episode of Oprah in the DVR.  That was my undoing.  My youngest daughter dropped by, then I got a migraine, which I was finally able to get under control, but by then, the day was too far gone.  I had no real motivation to do anything.  So I watched some more shows in the DVR.  So besides the laundry, which I kept the loads going, all I did was to clear out the DVR.  Must be Monday.

Last week I did get some curtains made for my oldest daughter's new house.

master bedroom

grandson's room

isn't this cute fabric?

looks good next to that tumbling blocks quilt (also by me)


...and the kitchen.

Here's hoping for a more productive week ahead.

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