Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Win!

 Look what came in the mail this week!  I won this great box from Moda Lisa.  The magazine has her lovely Log Cabin quilt in it.  When she posted on her blog about it , she offered her scraps to one lucky commenter.  I am so happy that I was that lucky person.  I expected some strips left from her project, along with a copy of the magazine, but I was overwhelmed with just how many "scraps" there were!
 In addition to the strips, of which there were more than a few, there were lots of chunks of the fabrics.
 So pretty and so many lovely colors too.  I just keep looking at them.  I can't believe they're mine.
I am going to use them to make a quilt for my middle daughter.  She has asked for a new quilt and it's been a while since I made her one.  I am going to do a "sort of" Log Cabin.  I can't wait to get it started.  I probably won't get to it until after the holidays.  But it wouldn't be possible without these great scraps.  Thanks so much to Moda Lissa!!

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  1. Your middle daughter is very excited about this news!!! :)


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