Friday, June 8, 2012

My Travels and a Giveaway

Had a great trip with my sister and brother.  We drove over 1300 miles and took two legs of the trip by plane.  That's a lot of distance covered.  As always, looking for inspiration for quilts wherever I go.  I found some:

 This was the runner on the bed in our first hotel room.  Loved it.
                             Wood crafted bowls by my brother.

In Reading PA


Fanieul Hall

Stairs at Fanieul Hall

Pretty ceiling...

Now after all that inspiration, info about the giveaway...I have been saving selvedges forever.  I thought I would make something when I had enough, but I have limited time so I thought I would give them away to a good home.  If you are interested, check back Sunday.  I will be posting pictures of what I have and the rules for the giveaway.  I know it's a tease, but I've gotta go to work now.  See you Sunday...


  1. Love your 'pretty ceiling' photo! Wouldn't that make a great quilt??

  2. I am also very much fond of traveling. Vermont and Boston both are really very nice place for traveling. It seems that you have enjoyed your trip a lot. All the photos are really great and I especially like the Fanieul Hall very much as it looks so elegant and beautiful.

  3. Been to many of the places in your pictures. I bet you had a great time. I have a bag of selvages too! I don't think I'll ever use them!

  4. Your brother is very talented!! Love those bowls!


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