Monday, June 18, 2012

Water bottle cozy

My sister found these water bottles at Target.  She thought they were the bees knees for travel.  You fill the bottle with water, and ice if you like it cold.  The bottle filters the water as you drink, pushing it through the filter.  Perfect for travel, since it filters the water for you.  Cheaper that buying bottled water.  Just one problem...ice makes the bottle sweat...a lot.  Our bottles on our trip were dripping everywhere.  My sis had started carrying a small towel to wipe it off frequently.

Enter me, and the solution: a quilted cozy.

 This was my first attempt.  Pretty simple and I liked the fabrics, all scraps from my stash but it didn't quite work out.
 I tried putting it together with a zipper, but as you can see, it did not form fit the shape of the bottle well.  It slid up and down, so back to the drawing board....
This time I used a spare strip left over from Baby B's Jack and Jenny quilt.  I made a sleeve at each end for elastic.  I used 1/2 inch elastic so it would have great holding power.  And it worked!  Sew I love it and now I just have to make some for all the family members in my life who now own one of these amazing bottles, thanks to my sis.  In case you are wondering, they are made by Brita and you can find them at many major stores.
Have a great Monday!


  1. Is that a cat in the window?

  2. Oh Boy, Oh Boy, I can't wait! Can I have two please, one for me & one for Andrea? I am giving her a bottle for our trip.
    XO you favorite sis :-)

  3. ooh very nice. hope I'm on the list too ;)

    1. Yes you are. You want purple to match your bottle?


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