Saturday, June 30, 2012

In the Zone

I've been in the zone here.  Do you know the feeling?  Lots getting done, sewing-wise.  It makes me feel so happy to have that be the case.  So here is what happened in the zone the last few days...

 I put new covers on both my round pillows.  I used a combination of Bliss and Vintage Modern.
 This is the back of the two pillows.  I wanted them to go together, yet be different.
 I finished my Swoon quilt top.  All I need now is to figure out how to quilt it and to make the back.
 I pulled out my blue scrap bin to put something away, and decided to make my slab blocks for July in the Sunday Morning Quilts Bee.
I knew I had a lot of blue scraps, the bin will hardly close, but wow!  Seeing some of these really takes me back a ways.  I still love them all as much as when I bought them for projects.  That's the way I used to buy fabric, just for specific projects.

And then I decided to make my blue ticker tape for the series I am doing.  You can see the others here.  I ended up making this one long and thin, because that's the size piece of white I had on hand.  I didn't want to wait to buy more, which I can't afford to right now.  Then I though, eh, why not, it is a scrap project after all.  Now I am thinking I will let the number of ticker tape pieces determine the size and shape.  Some of the colors are slim on scraps.  I think it will add interest to the group.

Hope you have a great Saturday.


  1. the swoons came out lovely. and i notice some of the blue blocks are the same ones in my quilt ;)

  2. Ohhh the swoons are very nice! I really like they way it all came together


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