Monday, November 18, 2013


Have you ever been derailed in your plans? I'm sure you have. Happens to everyone. I was planning on getting this quilt completely finished last week.

I was quilting along. I was in the zone. It was going great...until I ran out of white thread. Really. White thread. Who doesn't have tons of white thread? Me, apparently. I had no spare time and no spare cash last week, so I pushed this aside and tried to move on to other things.  Yesterday I went to Joann and bought some white thread. I came home and loaded my bobbin and started to sew. Wasn't feeling it. Quit. This morning, again, started quilting, made it through a couple of spools and quit. I have been wandering around, trying to motivate my sewing muse. No deal.  So I cleaned instead. Sometimes my muse won't work if things get too cluttered and messy. So that's done....

 And then I got distracted by these. I pulled from my big stash of charms, greens and blues and put them on the wall. I love the way they look.  This is 7 x 7 but I cropped it to see if I liked the yellow and blue for a border...
 ...or the orange and yellow. Still haven't decided. Anyone have an opinion they'd be willing to share?
 I also pulled a stack of Christmas fabrics for inspiration and started cutting pieces for some ornaments and other sewing gifts.  Hopefully if they are all cut, assembly will happen soon.  Still have that Spools quilt to deal with, remember?
And this little stack has been sitting there mocking me for months. These little white pieces are from my Rainbow Retro Flowers quilt. I keep thinking there's gotta be a cool use for them, but I haven't found it yet. I was thinking raw edge stitching them onto some colorful fabric. I need inspiration or ideas here. Hopefully soon.  Hope you have a great week. Talk to you soon.

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  1. I think I like the yellow better but both are nice :)



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