Friday, July 1, 2016

And the World Will Be a Better Place...

...for you and me. If you put a little love in your heart. I loved that song from the sixties. There were lots of songs about love for your fellow man in the sixties. Maybe we need more songs like that today. Are there still any folk singers out there?

Any way, my heart quilt is finished. I am so happy with it. It is bright and cheerful and I filled it with lots of love to wrap around someone in need.

 Freshly washed and all crinkly from the dryer. My favorite way to see a quilt.
 I quilted it with a wiggly line in rows about a half to three quarters of an inch apart.
 The backing is two chunks from my stash. The one on the left is the last chunk from a quilt I made about 15 years ago.
 One of my favorite fabrics here. A reminder of the happier days in life.
 The wonderfully colorful binding. I love it and was so happy to have found a use for that fabric.
And next week it is off to Orlando! I feel so much happiness at being able to contribute to such a cause. Put a little love in your heart. Have a great weekend.

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