Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Stuff

Not a catchy title, I know, but that's all I got today. I have spent the week noodling around in my sewing room. Jumping from thing to thing and not finishing any projects at all. And I don't feel a bit guilty. Here is what I have done:

 Fiddling around with feathers. One of the projects I am doing for my middle daughter. I always wanted to try my hand at these and now I am. I'm going to try a few more in other colorways.
Then there's this. A Geranium dress for Miss N in Sarah Jane's classic Children at Play. I have wanted to make a dress out of this since it first came out. And now I have.
 Then I started playing around with a few fabrics in a Plus quilt. I have wanted to try this one before and now I have. Dark blue...?
or light blue...? Or...
 Both!! And a border of the dark blue. Just took one day to do, but no real plan in mind and this is how it ended up.
 There are some really cute fabric prints in here. Love the little tiger kitties.

And last, but not least, my HSTs for the Summer Solstice QAL. I have them all sewn up and am trimming away on them. One third done, two thirds to go. Hope to have them all done by the end of the afternoon. So, How has your week been?


SandraC said...

Love your projects,....and the dress is sweet!

Createology said...

You did more than I have done. I LOVE that sweet little dress. Is the design a fabric panel? Happy Friday and weekend dear.

Melissa Corry said...

Your HST's look fantastic!! I just love that dark grey background color :) Your trim is going to be so pretty!!! Way to get them all pieced together and on your way with the trimming. Great job!!