Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Long Time WIP

I have several WIPs that I started years ago. I still pick them up occasionally and try to finish them. I know you have some too. Everybody does. Here is one I just picked up again today and now I have a plan to get it done.
 I know I started this about 7-8 years ago at least. I got the fabrics at my LQS. I don't often use batiks. I thought this would look so nice on the couch I had at the time, which was blue denim.
 The piecing went fast and I had decided to hand quilt it. I wasn't doing too much machine quilting then. So I got started. I did work on it a lot in the beginning.
 The only way I might be able to date this quilt is the backing. I think this is a Heather Baily print and I love it so much. This is the back of the quilt.
 I surrounded it with a dark blue marbled fabric. This quilt is about a lap size, but I haven't measured it lately.
 Look at how beat up the batting is. I have to get this done, just to save the quilt from the ravages of time at the very least. It's very wrinkled.
 The centers that are quilted have a Celtic design. It's hard to see here. That is what slowed me down. The small squares are almost all done. So I am changing gears. I am going to do a simpler design in the rest of the centers.
 I need to get this thing done, bound in lord only knows what. I know there is not any scraps from this now.  I will keep you posted and let you know when it is done.
 Not bad for someone who hasn't hand quilted in a couple of years. I forgot how much I love the look.

Wish me luck. Here I go...

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