Friday, May 24, 2019

600th POST!!

I can hardly believe that this is my 600th post! I never imagined that when I started this little blog back in 2011. Boy, has blogging changed since then. Not for me, really. I still do what I do. I even go back and read some of my early posts to see what I was doing back then. It's like opening a time capsule. So, here's what's up here lately:
Last Friday was our anniversary, and so I made us a pan of brownies to celebrate. My husband isn't much into desserts, but he does love a good brownie and these are really good and fudgey.

 I had finished a blanket for the middle daughter, so now I am starting one for the oldest daughter. These are the first two rows, after frogging 15 rows that I hated the color order of.
 Now I think I am on the right track with this one. At least I hope so. It's coming along.
And these are all the yarn colors that will be in this very colorful ripple blanket. Pattern is by Lucy at Attic 24.
I whipped up these cutie shorts for Miss N, from leftover fabric. I made her a Geranium dress a couple of years ago, and she has outgrown it, but misses the "puppy" dress. This is the last of this fabric, which is a knit.
 And since I was able to use up a big chunk of my stash making bags and pouches for the craft fair, I decided to reinvest some of the profits in more fabric.
 These came from Fat Quarter Shop. I only bought things that were on sale. I wanted to get the best bang for my buck.
 I also chose things that I thought would be good for future bags and pouches, since I am planning to do another craft fair, or hopefully two, in the fall.
 These came from Hawthorne Threads. I love this Anna Maria Horner print. I think it will make a stunning bag.
 I have already cut out a ton of bags and pouches and began sewing them together this week.
My goal is to get them all finished up by the first of September so I have time to play as well. And I have a couple of quilts to make for some family members that are due by Christmas time as well. No idle hands here!

So if you are a frequent visitor here, I thank you. I hope you come back often. Now, on towards post number 700, the next big milestone. Have a great weekend.


  1. Congratulations on 600, interesting seeing all the projects. Happy Anniversary, those brownies look good!

  2. Congratulations! I always love to see what you are working on!

  3. Congratulations on your 600th post. Great achievement.
    Lovely work on the blanket. The yarn colours are delightful.
    You have chosen some very nice fabrics. Good luck with all your plans.


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