Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Off to the (Craft) Fair

Remember when I said I was working on items for a craft fair? This was my very first craft fair as a vendor. It went really well, and I wanted to show you some of it.
 This is our booth set up. My sister helped me so much with set up and manning the booth. She also was so very helpful in how to arrange all the items to their best advantage.
 We used one of my quilts on one of the tables. I think we decided that as pretty as it was, next time we will go with white so as to not detract from the colors of the items.

I named my booth Six Sisters Stitchery. This is after my grandmother and her 5 sisters. 6 of the bags were named for them. So, for example, the makeup bag is the Nora Bag. Just a happy little nod to the wonderful women who helped me to be who I am today.
 And here are a few of the items I made to sell. This one I call the Ayumi Bag. The pattern is a free tutorial on Ayumi Mills' blog, the Pink Penguin. I wrote to her and asked permission to make a few of these to sell and she said yes. I made a tag to hang on each bag that gave her name and blog name as a source of the pattern. They were very well received.
 I made these phone stands, filled with crushed walnut shells. I love mine and these were also very popular with the fair goers.
And then, to use up my 2 1/2 inch squares from my scrap bins, I made these little patchwork pouches. I call these the Iva Patchwork Pouch. I love seeing the history of my quilting in these cute pouches.

I didn't take up close pictures of everything, but I had a lot of products and variety. All of the items were made from my stash. I only had to buy zippers, Pellon 809 stabilizer and some tassels I put on one of the zippered pouches.

I asked, and received permission for a couple of designers to use their patterns, in exchange for making sure my signs gave them credit for the patterns. I was happy to do that and to tell my customers about where the patterns came from. Most seemed to appreciate that I was giving proper credit to the designers.

Some of the customers were quilters too, and while they didn't want to buy anything, they were happy to stop and chat with me about our shared love of quilting and sewing. So a fun day for me all the way around.

Thanks for stopping by, and I will talk to you soon.


  1. love all your items. People have been asking me to sell things, but I am not sure what to do?

  2. Your stand looks lovely. You sure did get a lot made for it. Great to know that you had a successful time.


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