Thursday, August 29, 2019

My Good Fortune

This is a very appropriate name for this Mystery Quilt that Bonnie Hunter held earlier this year. As I mentioned in a previous post, I had started this and then become very frustrated with it and stopped. It was my first bit of good fortune to start this quilt. The second bit of good fortune, for me, was that when I stopped, I downloaded the rest of the instructions for later. I did this, not knowing it would be more than 6 months before I came back to it.
All the completed clues were put into a project box. It sat beside me while I sewed many more projects.

 These were what Bonnie referred to as "bonus" blocks. They were left from making another block and saved for later use in this quilt.
 These were the neutral or low volume blocks I blogged about earlier this week. I love how these turned out.
 Sew and trim, sew and trim, sew and trim. Easy, but time consuming. But this time, I didn't mind. I put on some music and just dove right in.

And this is the first batch of 20 blocks, completed. Stunning, am I right? Bonnie knows her stuff.
 And these are the rest of the blocks, now all pieced. There are 35 blocks all together. The last row will not fit on my design wall, but I don't care. I just love looking at this and thinking of my Good Fortune in this whole process.
So for today, I am putting in some time on another project that I need to move forward. Tomorrow I will get back to this and sew all these beautiful blocks together. And then, my good fortune will continue on into the borders.
Talk to you soon.

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suzanprincess said...

First mystery quilt I've seen that I like--it's lively and beautiful!