Friday, April 3, 2020

April is Finally Here

So, thankfully we have turned the page from March to April, even though not much else has changed in the past few days. I am keeping busy here, as always. One thing I learned when I was going through cancer is to get up and get dressed every day. Make the bed. It is a feeling of normalcy and the best thing for starting the day.
 This week's baking was Granny's pan dulce. This is a Mexican sweet bread that is not too sweet, actually, and is flavored with Anise seeds and crumbled cinnamon sticks. We love this so much and it reminds us of our childhood. Granny would make it and within a couple of days it was all gone.
 This is the cover of a small pillow that Heidi Staples of Fabric Mutt made for me back when I was doing my cancer treatment. I just love this little pillow.
 And this is the back. It has an envelope closure and has been used so much it is pretty worn. So I decided to make a new cover for it.
 And what could be better than a Heidi Staples tutorial for the new cover? I love these little cross stitch blocks. The tutorial for these can be found on her blog, Fabric Mutt.
 This is the back with its envelope closure. So glad to finally be able to use this pretty fabric.
 Next, I have been working on four Santa ornaments for the grand children for next Christmas.
 And, I am pleased to say they are done! Here they are, all lined up on my cutting table.

 The pattern for these is available from Larissa at Mmm Crafts. She has lots of patterns that are fun and gorgeous.
I also started posting pictures daily on Instagram, of the earrings I am wearing each day. Why? Because it is a daily exercise designed to make me wear all of these beauties. I need a routine and a daily post on IG is part of that.
And lastly, I finished this stitchery from Cozy Blue. She runs her business out of her home and has lots of stitching kits and iron on transfers if you don't need the kit.  I am always needing a diverse set of crafts to keep me busy. Maybe you are too?
Stay safe my friends and I will talk to you again soon.

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  1. You have been busy. The pillow cover is delightful. What a great choice of design.
    And I am impressed with all 4 Santas being finished. I know how much work is involved in these. They look great.
    The Cosy Blue stitchery is adorable. Beautiful work.
    Yes, I can never stick to just the one thing. I want to try everything!


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