Thursday, September 8, 2022

Ice Cream Social Sampler

 One of the many creative things I love to do, is embroidery. I love to have something stitchy for my afternoons and evenings. And one of my favorite stitching designers is Rebecca Ringquist of Dropcloth Samplers. I have done several of her samplers and I love them. The Ice Cream Social Sampler looked like so much fun, I couldn't say no!

The best part of these samplers is that there are no directions on how to stitch them. Use whatever colors you like, whatever stitches you want. This time, she offered a PDF of the pattern, so I printed and traced my own, and decided to use a light pink fabric for the background. The most fun of all was deciding what flavors the ice creams should be. Here we have rocky road, orange creamsicle and pistachio.
Here you can see the lemon soft serve. I decided to do all my ice creams in satin stitch. I just like the look of it. Other stitchers did different things on theirs. You can look on IG.
Mint chocolate chip in honor of my youngest grandson. It's his very favorite ice cream.
Vanilla was my first cone. I thought it was the best flavor to start with. When I was a kid, the local soft serve place only had vanilla, but you could get it dipped in chocolate.
I loved the explosion of sprinkles on this piece. I thought the item next to some of the cones was a sparkler, so I stitched it with sparkly threads and added some sparkly beads too.
                    Here we have chocolate soft serve and lots more sprinkles.
This is a picture of the entire thing finished. I enlarged the PDF a little bit and put it in my Q-snap frame and the size was perfect for me. I want to frame it, but I'm not sure about the glass beads being under glass. Oh, well, I'll figure it out eventually.
Here you can see the cherry ice cream with hunks of cherries in it. I loved doing that one.
This is back when I first started on it. We did the cones first of all. I did a sort of weave with them, as I think many of us did.
This was the most fun, and if you've never done one of Rebecca's samplers, you should try one. They are all tons of fun. So, until next time...

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Karen S said...

I think Delicious is the best word to describe this embroidery.