Saturday, September 10, 2022

Odds and Ends

 I have been pretty busy with all my projects this summer. Here is a round up of some things that have been going on that I may not have mentioned, or maybe I did. :) So, in no particular order...

We go to the local farmer's market on most Saturdays. I have taken to getting a bouquet of flowers and they have been amazing this summer.
This bouquet came from the grocery store, as we didn't make it to market that week. I chose one with a fall theme.
This is my initial fabric pull for a temperature quilt I am thinking about starting in 2023. I have long wanted to make one. We'll see if this pans out. Anyone else want to make one?
This is 30 of my 36 blocks for the perfect pineapple QAL with Gigi's Thimble. Almost done. Since this picture two more have been done. Only 4 more to go.
Sunday I decided to use my home grown chives to make cheddar chive biscuits. They were amazing with fresh tomatoes on top of them.
I used some leftover fabric from my daughter's Sandhill sling to make her a thread catcher for Halloween.
I am slowly, slowly stitching this pretty piece. There is a photo below of the whole thing from the website.
Some lovely gifts I selected with my birthday gift certificate from my daughter. She got me a gift certificate to Snuggly Monkey who has the best stitching supplies ever. You can finder her on line, although she does do curbside pick up for locals.
Two more thread catchers for my daughter. Can't have enough of these and I have to use some of this fabric up you know.
This is the picture from the Lolli and Grace web site for the stitchery above that I am working on. You have a choice of words for this piece. Mine will say Home Sweet Home when it's done.

And, finally, I had to purchase more batting. It's quite the investment, but so worth it in the end to have what you need on hand. This will last me several years, and I take all the scraps and sew them together for smaller quilts, so nothing goes to waste either.

Well that's all for now. Happy fall y'all.

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Karen S said...

You have been busy with all sorts of things.
Love the idea of getting a regular bunch of flowers. It always brightens up a room.
Lovely fabrics for the temp quilt. Good luck!!
All your thread catchers look great, especially the skull.
And that is a colourful embroidery. I do like the way it looks.
Yes, a roll of batting is quite an outlay but it is really worth it. I do the same and find there is less wastage. And of course it is always there when you need it.
Mmmmm, that baking makes me feel hungry!!!