Monday, June 23, 2014

Summertime and the Living is Busy

I know things are supposed to slow down in the summer, but really, do they? I don't have kids at home any more and I am still very busy with work and projects and planning vacations. I know those who still have little ones at home are busy now that school is out. There are camps and swim lessons and trips to take and family to visit. When I was a kid, we had maybe one week or so where we took a trip, but other than that, summer was very unstructured and loose. I miss those days.

So in the land of projects, here is some (not all) of what I have going on:

 I cut out all the rest of the pieces for my Belle Waves quilt. I am about a yard short on the Kona white, so I will pick some up later this week.
 I changed the arrangement of the blocks to one I like better. I am putting all the squared elements blocks in a row and then the essentials block in a row and alternating them. I just realized this morning that the two partial blocks on top need to be switched out for essentials, so I will do that too.
 These are really making my heart sing! The fabrics are so very soft and the colors so joyful to me.
 Then, I got the fabric for the boys' quilt backs. I was able to take advantage of a Kona sale at Fort Worth Fabrics and bought 4 yards of these two. I love the blue. The yellow was originally going to be Kona Curry, but they didn't have that so I bought a brighter yellow, which I think will be just fine. For now they sit for a few days while I wait for the thread to arrive. I ordered some 40 weight Aurifil from Hawthorne Threads to do the quilting with. I want to test out other weights of threads. I am also looking for a project to use an even heavier weight thread for quilting.
And lastly, for today, I have made these. These are two balls of string scrap "yarn" to make a crochet rag rug like Crazy Mom made. The tutorial can be found here. This is going to be my beach project. I need a hand work project to take with me to the beach in August. For my rag rug I will need 3 balls of this that each weigh one pound. One of these is done and one need a few more ounces to weigh in at a pound. I am using my kitchen scale to weigh them. I can't wait to get started crocheting on this! Have a great week and I will see you back here soon.


MdmSamm said...

ok, this ball has me fixated....love that....and your quilt is going to be spectacular...bright, summery, colourful....and yes joyful....see you in september....

Mary Pat Callihan said...

Hi Charlotte, you have been very busy this summer! I agree with you on the fabric placement for your waves. Looks great that way. You have given me the solution to my vacation dilemma, thank you! I am headed off to the string tut :) Thanks!

Deonn @ Quiltscapes said...

Ohh, so colorful! Love the pixely waves, and what a good idea to crochet scraps together, I'll have to check it out!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I want to make a crocheted rug so thanks for the link! blessings, marlene