Friday, June 27, 2014

Got Nothing Finished Friday

I realized I had not been here since Monday. I love being able to link up with all the Friday Finish posts and have people stopping by, but I seem to have so many things in progress that are taking longer to complete. Hence the title of today's post.

So here is what I have in the works right now...
 This is my Belle Waves quilt top. I finally got another couple yards of Kona white so I can continue on with the piecing of this. I am half way done. I did swap out the two partial blocks at the top for some made with the Essentials floral print in keeping with the pattern I have in mind.
 Then this guy got a backing an all pinned up in anticipation of quilting. I can't believe how many pins it took and how long. But my Aurifil 40 weight thread that I ordered came, so now I am ready!
And lastly, a bit wrinkled, here is the first half of the queen size Concerto quilt I am piecing for my daughter and her new husband. I love this pattern and each size requires different size blocks, so it is going together quite nicely and quickly too. These squares are 7 3/4 inches.  This one really gets me excited to see it together.

And so, these are the projects that are keeping me busy these days. Thank you for dropping by, even if a linky didn't get you here, I love that you did. Talk to you soon.


Susan said...

I love the name of todays blog! Made me laugh out loud when I saw it!

Carla said...

Boy, I'm usually more on the nothing finished Friday side. I don't know how some quilters always have a Friday finish. Your wip will all be celebrations and I can't wait to see. Great post with a catchy title!