Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sewjo Saturday-Twice as Nice

Well I have been pushing and pushing myself to finish these quilt tops. And today...they are done.
 What held things up was all these little pieces that had to be sewn and then trimmed down and sewn again.
 That made these, which I used as a border to enlarge the quilt on the sides. I am aiming for twin.

 Here is the quilt top for V. The fabric line is Riley Blake's Rocket Age. The quilt design is my own.
 I love the little diamond borders down each side. The backing of this will be a Kona solid blue so it won't detract from the busy design which is the star.
The next quilt top is the one that started the whole thing for me...B's quilt. When I saw the Sasparilla fabric line, I knew I wanted to make B a quilt for his first big boy bed.
 He just turned 2, so it will be soon. I bought half yard cuts of my favorites, got out the graph paper and went to work. I quickly found I didn't have enough fabric, so I bought some more.
 The quilt looks a bit more washed out here than it really is, but once it's quilted, It will be great. The back of this one will be a Kona solid yellow.
 The boys share a room, so to have two quilts similar, but not identical seemed a good choice. I counted how many fabrics I used for B's quilt and when I saw Rocket Age, I picked out the same quantity of fabrics for V. This time I knew how much to buy the first time.
I am so happy with how these came out. Once I get them quilted, I will be back to show them off. Linking up with Kim for Sewjo Saturday.


Run 'n Stitch said...

Your quilts are lovely!! All those little cut dog-ears make me tired. The pain and the pleasure of quilting;)

Shauna said...

so cute, I love that they "match", but don't. Great idea to use the same pattern with different fabrics.

Christine S said...

Great design, your quilts look awesome! That Sasparilla line is so darn cute, I never did buy any. Now I want to buy it again :)

Tiffany said...

Nice finish!

*Tyler* said...

I love your pattern. Is there hope you'll make a PDF cuz I wanna be first in line for it!! :)

charlotte said...

I have never actually written a pattern. Not sure how to do it and put it on here. I will research it. It is fairly easy to put together, just lots of pieces.

Mary Pat Callihan said...

Charlotte, I agree, you really should make a pattern of this and sell it. Ask Madame Samm. She would be happy to advise you on what to do. Super!