Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday Stash

This is my first Sunday Stash in a very long time. Two reasons for that: I am a bit lazy with taking photos these days and I am mainly sewing from my stash this year.  I have not been buying too much fabric. Here is my new addition:
From left to right, Spot On in Strawberry, Carolina Gingham in Periwinkle and Whispers Muslin Mates by Moda. Nothing flashy, but I wanted to go visit my local quilt shop for the last time. The owner is retiring and the shop is closing. It is a sad thing for my community. There are other shops, much more of a drive away from here. Many, myself included, will not make that drive. We hope that someone sees the need eventually and changes this, but you and I know how hard it is to open a shop and keep it going these days.

My shop here is Thimble Pleasures in Chapel Hill NC. They had tons of fabrics, lots of batiks and solids. They were a Bernina dealer and had notions and threads galore. They offered many classes over the years. They started small and grew several times in the 23 years they were in business. We shall all miss them.

If you have a local quilt store, show them some love. Internet shopping is big and easy, but you don't know how much you will miss the ability to go local, until you can't. Have a great day all.
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  1. Great fabrics! Makes me want to run to my LQS and buy some pretty fabric, even though I was just there yesterday..HEHE! I try to buy local as much as possible but it's getting harder to do when the price per yard can be almost half the price online. Just last week I purchased 9 yrds at $8 a yd at the LQS. I came home and looked up the same fabric at my favorite online shop and it was $4.95 a yd with free shipping. Yikes! That's a big diffence!

  2. Love those fabrics, what a great addition. I did some local shopping myself this past week.

  3. Hi Charlotte! Your new fabrics are beautiful! Small gingham in blue is for ever favourite, little polka dots in ree is cute and the xoxo is super good! x Teje

  4. I hate to hear of another LQS shutting down. So sad. Love the white you picked up.



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