Saturday, September 30, 2017

A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose

I began this quilt in June for my sister's July birthday. I was able to present her with the top on time, but life gets in the way sometimes, so the quilting was just finished yesterday. The reason I chose this pattern is because my sister's house is known as the Garden House and she grows lots of Roses, among other things.

These are but a small peek at the many roses she produces every year. So the Pixelated Rose Quilt is perfect for her.
 Here it is in all its glory. I couldn't be more pleased with the end result. After washing, the texture was awesome.
 I used an older Dear Stella print for the binding. I thought a bit of color was needed against all that white, but not too much.

 The pixelated rose and the rosebud needed some quilting to give it some gentle curves to suggest the rose petals. So I used two colors of Aurifil to do my wandering curvy lines.
These are the threads I used. I used the two greens to give the leaf areas some form as well.
 And the white background got some semi-measured straight line quilting.
      I even added a few actual leaves here and there just for fun.
 The back was pieced with some chunks of fabric left from other projects, but I think it looks great.
       Here you can see the leaf veins on the back of the quilt.

And here it is on the bed at last. Both my sister and I are very happy with this quilt. Happy Birthday Sis!

 And Just a few more rose pics, just because they are beautiful. Linking up with Amanda Jean today.


Unknown said...

Charlotte you have created a gorgeous quilt! Love your talent!

Karen S said...

Your quilt is beautiful. What a special gift for your sister. I really like the way you have quilted the rose and the leaves using the different colours. That is very effective. A lovely finish.
Cheers, Karen