Monday, September 18, 2017

To and Fro Baby Quilt

Sometimes I have a post name in mind when I sit down. Today, I did not, so I went with the name of the block I used to make this baby quilt. It works well enough, I think. The block pattern is another one from Amy Gibson's Quilt Block Cookbook.

 So this is the block, or rather nine of them, each done in one color. I had to use brown, grey and the center block is multi-colored, to get nine blocks. All the triangles are from my stash.
        This is the multi-colored block. That is the name on the bin of scraps too.
 All of the triangles are cut from 5 inch squares. That is the largest piece I have in my scrap bins. I love that I was able to use so many of them.
 This is the pigs from Heather Ross' Nursery Versery line from about 5 years ago. I am so glad I found a use for this finally. I have always loved it.
 And on the grey block another piece from Nursery Versery. The itsy bitsy spider, a childhood classic.
 And here it is all quilted up with wandering loop-de-loops and fresh from the dryer. The crinkle effect on this is soooo nice.
 I decided to bind it with stripes of cream and grey. I think it gives it a classy look and I know the new mom will love it too. Plus, as a bonus it matches the back which is all greys.

        A close up of the lop-de-loops and the wavy lines I used in the borders of the quilt.

This is, obviously, the back of the quilt. I used up tons of larger scrap pieces to make the back. Some of this stuff has been in my stash for 5 years. And frankly, I love the way it turned out.
      This is one of the last pieces of this fabric that I have...Aneela Hoey...can't remember the name.
I can't wait to gift this and see the look on the mother's face. That is my favorite part. That, and knowing that it will be loved for a long, long time.
Have a great rest of the week and I'll talk to you soon. Much more sewing going on here this week.

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