Monday, July 16, 2012


A whirlwind of activity, that was my weekend.  This was the weekend we were going to start tearing down our rotting back deck.  Before you can build, you must demolish.  So a plan was made.  My part was to get as much sewing done as possible before Sunday so I could be available for whatever was needed.  Gonna be a lot of pictures here folks, so bear with me if you will.

Remember this from last summer?  Crazy Mom Quilts 36 patch quilt along?  Well I finally got a back pieced for it.  It was slow going with so many other projects to be done.  But this summer I am as poor as a church mouse with regard to funding my quilting, so I have been reinspired to finish old projects and use my stash for everything else.

 I had pieced the left section from leftover strips from the quilt top.  Then I stopped because I ran out.
So I just grabbed a big chunk of fabric (2 yards) that I had used a little on the front and put it together.  And you know, I kind of like it.  That amazes me.

 Then I had to make some more of these cutie things.  My daughter's response when I sent her a picture?  "I think I just had a cuteness stroke!" LOL!
                                                  They are for this little cutie pie!

Now, onto the real work of the weekend.  It was so humid and hot.  I was a water girl for the guys.

 Here they are just getting started with pry bars, hammers and sledges.  The sun is high!
 After a bit, they decided it would be quicker to use a circle saw and cut the decking boards and then remove them.  This really sped up the process.
                          Middle of the afternoon and almost done with the decking boards.
 A few nails still to remove, and a couple of boards.  The joists are going to have to wait until next weekend.  We needed to clean up.
 Just a few of the nails they pulled.  After everyone showered, we lit the grill and made some burgers and corn and hotdogs.  We ate outside at the picnic table and even had brownies and mini ice cream sandwiches for dessert.
Just before the party broke up, I got this picture of my three guys, all together for the first time.
Dirty, and tired, but happy.  Have a great day!


  1. Looks like they got a lot done! And may I say, what handsome young grandsons you have! I am particularly fond of the one in the Carolina shirt -- look at that face! :)

  2. I hope the heat and humidity has diminished where you are. There sure was a lot accomplished for your deck. I am working on lots of unfinished projects too and starting a 16 patch quilt for my daughter in law from my stash. Love your pictures. Seeing somebody`s everyday life is refreshing.


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