Monday, July 30, 2012

Wanna Peek in My Scrap Bins?

Warning: picture heavy post!
When I mentioned that I was using my stash to make stuff this summer, my sister asked me about it.  What were my favorites, did I find things that I'd forgotten etc.  I was sewing for my Sunday Morning Quilts Bee yesterday and had my scraps out.  These really got me to thinking and reminiscing more than the rest of my stash.  They are so much a part of my quilting journey.  So I thought you'd like a peak.

First up, I found some squares in the yellow bin.  Leftovers from this quilt, made in 2001.  I guess I made too many to start.

 This quilt was on my bed for about 9 years before I made a new one.  It lives in the spare bedroom now.
 I found 11 little beginnings of log cabin blocks in the yellow scrap bin.  I made this new mug rug for my desk.
And I made it double sided, just changing the orientation of the blocks a bit.  I really like it.

 Doesn't it look good here.  My tool cup is an old favorite coffee cup that has a glued on handle.  Can't trust it with hot coffee anymore.
 Here are the three remaining mini blocks.  I am thinking about a small wall hanging with them.
 This is a picture of my scrap bins on the shelves.  I started sorting them about 4-5 years ago, by color.  I am happy I did this before Cheryl and Amanda Jean's book came out.  I feel like I had a bit of a head start on sorting and using.  I started with bins for the colors I had the most of, and added bins as my sorting continued.  There are a couple of small bins that are still a hodge podge and a couple (blue and yellow) that are over flowing.
 Let's look inside, shall we?  See, lots of scraps in all shapes and sizes.  Some go back to my first few quilts.  I even have one small piece of fabric from my very first quilt.  I found some pieces from quilts I have given away too.  It makes me smile to remember them.  I even have pieces I have no idea what they were from!
        Here is a closer look at yellow and red/pink.  I haven't divided them up yet.
 Here are blue and green.  I had green out yesterday to work on my August slab block for Sunday Morning Quilts Bee.  I will post about that tomorrow.
 Orange...my smallest collection of all.  I don't use much, only buy it for specific projects.  I don't guess it calls to me often.
 Creams and whites, tone on tone whites.  Some low volume fabrics, although that term is new to me.
 These are my holiday scraps, Christmas, Halloween etc.  Not too many in here either.
This bin is strictly strips, ends of jelly rolls not used yet.  After you unroll them, you can't always keep them on the shelf.  I also have a small bin of kids fabric scraps.  So that's my scrap stash.

If you read this far, I have a giveaway for you.  If you are reading the book, Sunday Morning Quilts, and you are trying to make some of those beautiful projects and find yourself short on scraps, I am going to stuff a flat rate envelope with an assortment of my scraps.  I will mail it to you.  All you have to do is leave me a comment here and tell me which scrap quilt in the book is your favorite one.  I will leave the give away open for one week.  Random will draw a winner.
Have a great day.


Wendz said...

Since I have no oranges or lighter shades of green, or some of the other shades visible, it would be great to win some. After the quilt we're making in the bee I'd love to make a low volume quilt. Mmmm, would love some extras for that too. Thanks for the chance of some bits Charlotte.

krislovesfabric said...

How about a Sunday morning newbie? I ordered the book from Amazon and it is en route to me right now...I have enjoyed several online and am interested in making a low volume as well as the "slabs".

Jan aka StampQn said...

I love the sunday Morning book. I am having so much fun with out Flickr group slabs.

Jo C. said...

I'm crazy about Nap Like an Egyption...fun name, fun quilt!
Boppiesgirl at gmail dot com

charlotte said...

I am enjoying our bee/swap too. If you want to see a beautiful low volume quilt in progress, check out the blog Pretty by Hand.

charlotte said...

Kris, there isn't one quilt in that book that I don't love and want to make. Maybe you would like to join us for the next round of our bee. It won;t be starting until January, but that gives you plenty of time to enjoy the book first.

charlotte said...

Me too Jan. Good luck ing the giveaway.

charlotte said...

That is a great one. I love the colors. Good luck in the giveaway.

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

Thats what I need color coded scrap bins instead of a giant scrap bag!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, your scrap stash is enviable to a newbie like me!! The Missing U is my favorite.

Celtic Thistle said...

There are some lovely quilts in the book, but my favourite is Up, up and away. I have started collecting triangles in the hope that I will get around to it someday!

Maria Kievit said...

I don't have the book you're talking about, but love the way you've organized your scraps! Totally awesome! Thanks for sharing .

Love Of Quilts said...

I like all the quilts...don't have a favorite.