Saturday, July 28, 2012

Spoolin' Around

Spent a bit of time working on my Spools quilt top today.  I like how it's coming along.  It's a very easy pattern and so easy to get into the zone and just sew.

 I had to do three complete spools to see how they were going to look.  I need that gratification to keep me going sometimes.  The "thread" is Strawberry Fields by Fig Tree.  For the spool ends I am using 3 different fabrics, in keeping with using my stash: grey dots from Vintage Modern, grey stripe from Sunkissed, and grey tiny zigzag from Reunion.
 Chain piecing is definitely the way to go with this pattern. It's so easy to do too.  It also helps me to remember which way to orient the corner pieces and stitch them correctly.
 Here is a bit of trimmings from the spool ends.  I think these triangles are way too small to keep for any reason at all.  Into the trash they will go.
And neatly put away until next time, there are far fewer pieces in the project box now.  I love when I can see the progress.  Have a great weekend.


Lisa said...

Looks nice! You made it look easy!

Susan said...

Question for you - as you work through your stash - and I've seen the stash :-) what are some of your favorites that you are coming across? Maybe some you have not seen in a long while? Just curious since you have a fairly large stash

charlotte said...

Lisa, it is very easy. All easy piecing. Give it a try! You'll love the look when it's done too.