Tuesday, July 17, 2012


 So I mentioned in my last post that I cannot afford to buy any fabric.  I have been so good for the last 3 weeks.  If you knew me, you would see what an accomplishment this is.  I have been wanting to do the Spools pattern by Camille Roskelly.  I bought the pattern awhile ago.  So since there is no fabric purchasing, it was off to the stash.  I found a lovely fat eight bundle of Strawberry Fields by Fig Tree Quilts.  Perfect.  I had a couple of small-ish pieces of Kona White.  Okay.  Still need more for sashing, but that can wait.  Found 3 different greys to use for the spools.

 So I started cutting all that I had.  I even had a nice plastic project bin that was recently vacated by Swoon.  So now I have all the pieces cut except for sashing, but that is so far off right now, I will find some way to get it later.
 I started sewing all my spools together yesterday.  I made many different combos.  The light isn't great here and for some reason, the flash wouldn't flash.  But here they are all stitched and pressed.
I had just enough time to sew on a couple of white strips.  As I sit here looking, I am noticing that I put two on each spool.  I'm not sure if that's right or not.  Oh well, I will look at the pattern and see before my next sewing session.

The other quick, well, relatively quick thing I made yesterday was a new cover for my sewing machine.  I saw one on Clover and Violet and was inspired to make one of my own.  I had a few scraps from a set of pillow covers I am making for my daughter, and I wanted to make them into something for me.  So this is what I did:

I made a little mosaic of the scraps and appliqued it onto some fabric.  This was a one yard piece of fabric I have had for years...Michael Miller...and was going to put it in my get rid of pile.  I just free wheeled the whole thing based on what I had seen.  Pretty simple really.  And the best part is I love it, even the green.  So it was a good day.
Hope you are having a great day too.


  1. I know I'm going to jump on the spools bandwagon at some point! I need to start using stash too - the fabric budget sure isn't what it used to be! Love the machine cover - I need to make one of those too!

  2. Love it!! great mix of fabrics for the cover!!


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